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Workshop of WLI-Russia. Agenda


Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Tver Region

Centre of Ecological Information of Tver Regional Scientific Library named after A.M.Gorky

Eco-Centre of Tver State University

Non-governmental Partnership “Birds and People”

Environmental Platform of All-Russian Civil Forum

First All-Russian Ornithological Congress

WLI Network Development in Russia: Federal and Local Protected Areas
Workshop of Wetland Link International-Russia

1st February 2018, Tver

10.00 Opening of the workshop. Welcome speech by Andrey V. Zinoviev, co-hair of the First Russian Ornithological Congress
10.10 Welcome speech by Andrey V. Naumov, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Tver Region.
10.20 Welcome speech by Ilya S. Prokhorov, Deputy Head of Information-Analytical Centre of Support of Protected Areas of Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.
10.25 Welcome speech by Irina A. Martynyuk, head of Branch of Development of Protected Areas System of Department of Environmental Policy of Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.
10.30 Welcome speech by Tobias Salathe, Senior Advisor for Europe of the Ramsar Convention Secretariat
10.45 Library as Resource and Reliable Partner in Implementation of Ecological Projects. Welcome speech by Svetlana N. Volkova, Deputy director of the Library
11.00 Presentation of certificates to WLI members
11.10 “Migratory Birds for People” Initiative. Chris Rostron, Wetland Link International coordinator, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust - WWT.
11.25 Role of Urban Wetlands in Conservation of Birds and Creating Protected Area and Wetland-Centre “Bird Eldorado” in Tver. Alexander S. Sorokin, Director of Eco-Centre of Tver State University (TSU), Andrey V. Zinoviev, Chair of Biological Department of TSU, Dmitry V. Koshelev, Russian Bird Conservation Union.
11.40 Priorities and Prospective of WLI-Russia. Julia Gorelova, Director of NGO “Birds and People”.
11.55 WLI: New prospective and Resources for Development of Environmental Education n Russia”. Eugene A. Genelt-Yanovsky, Julia A. Danilova, Baltic Fund for Nature.
12.10 Coffee break
12.20 Significance of Territorial Framework Creation for Monitoring of Migratory Birds and their Habitats. Marina V. Mirutenko, Deputy Scientific Director, academician Eugene S. Ravkin, Scientific Director of Scientific Centre “Biodiversity Conservation”.
12.35 Changing Ornithofauna in Imeretinskaya Lowland after Olympic Games in Sochi-2014. Lev M. Shagarov, Scientific Director of Natural Ornithological Park in Imeretinskaya Lowland.
12.50 Project of Designing Educational Wetland Trail in the Area that is Partly Involved in Economic Use of Prioksko-Terrassny State Reserve (PTSBR). Yury A. Buyvolov, Scientific Director of PTSBR.
13.05 Development of Ornithological Tourism in Kabansky Reserve and other Territories of Baykalsky State Reserve (BSR). Yury A. Anisimov, Scientific Director of BSR.
13.20 Birding Development by Wetland-Centre in National Park “Smolenskoe Poozerie”. Dmitry A. Belyaev, Head of Ecological Education and Tourism Branch of NP “Smolenskoe Poozerie”.
13.35 Ecological education and Tourism on Wetlands in National Park “Meshchera”. Anna E. Vozbrannaya, scientific staff of NP “Meshchera”.
13.50 Wetland-Centres as Organizers of Voluntary Monitoring of Wetlands and Migratory Birds. Irina V. Pokrovskaya, Leading Scientific Staff of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
14.05 Art-project “On the Trail of Red Book”: Opportunities for Protected Areas. Natalia I. Nikolaeva, artist, the art-project manager.
14.15 Discussion of the workshop Recommendations and WLI-Russia action plan-2018.
14.45 Closing of the Workshop
15.15 Excursion to Business Information Centre on exhibition-installation "Winter Fun in Tver".

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