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Cranes’ Family Day
 Crane Family Day in Oksky reserve
Cranes’ Family Day in Oksky reserve
2008 year was declared as Family Year in Russia. So the well-known all over the world International Children’s Day was celebrated in our country as a real family holiday. Family theme is well reflected in our action “From the egg to the flight”. Oksky Strict Nature Preserve (Zapovednik), Nursery of rare crane’s species and club “Birds and People” conducted the holiday “Crane’s Family Day” within the framework of UNEP-GEF Siberian Crane Wetlands protection Project in Brykin Bor – the main office of OSNP on June, 1. The Holiday was a part of the action “From the egg to the flight” action “From the egg to the flight” and showed the connections of different people generations that dedicate their lives to reserve management and studies as well as a tendency to unite a person with Nature. Preserve staff’s families took part in the holiday – mothers, fathers and their children – pupils and even children of preschool age. The youngest was less than 2. The weather was good. It was necessary for all Holiday’s events - competition of drawings “Cranes’ family” on the asphalt roads, clay sculpting competition and a bicycle riding one. competition of drawings “Cranes’ family”, clay sculpting competition and biking. Holiday was opened by Marina Didorchuk, OSNP deputy director on environmental enlightenment and the coordinator of the action “From the egg to the flight”, and Tatiana Kashentseva, Cranes Nursery director. They addressed the meeting and told about the relations between birds in cranes families, about constancy and care of posterity. Cranes’ Family Day in Oksky reserve On behalf of UNEP-GEF Project and club “Birds and People” Julia Gorelova wished good luck to all participants in the competitions and promised to paste drawings on Internet portal birder.ru. All cranes admires can go there and appreciate true value of these works. The weather didn’t put in a spot. Sun was shining when young painters and their parents drew and the judges appreciated their works. There were three categories – “Children of preschool age”, “1-4 forms”, and “5-9 forms”. Sever judges paid attention not only on artistry but also on ecological and biological reliability. Different cranes species should be cognate and nestlings should look as they must during first months of their life. So the winners were the most observant painters, which were in Cranes Nursery and helped parents to take care of the birds. Earthenware made by members of studio pottery club, managed by Olga Sherenja, was exposed. Winners also got presents. Our cranes have faded from the rain after the end of the Holiday. But as it was promised we publish all drawings on our Internet Site.
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